Who I Am

As A Person

I have to admit that, as a psychology graduate, I don’t put much stock in personality tests and quizzes. They’re fun and I appreciate the value they have as a tool to get you thinking more about who you are as a person, but it’s silly to think people can actually be boiled down to a handful of different personality archetypes.

So, although I have listed the results from my personality tests and fun quizzes (and my birth chart for the astrologically-inclined readers) here, I wanted to make this page a proper reflection of me! So, here are what I believe to be my most prominent personality traits, ordered randomly but probably subconsciously by how often I see them in myself.


I am ~different~. Not in a quirky, endearing way or a rebellious kind of way, but in an uncomplicated, “this is just who I am” way. I like what I like. I don’t like what I don’t like. I think the way I think. I do things the way I do them. Some things about me are completely “normal”, but other things have a tendency to confuse the shit out of people who had expectations of me.


I am a moody cow, prone to stress, anxiety and a little bit of depression from time to time. I also have trouble controlling my emotional impulses, thanks to ADHD. This personality trait combined with my chronic illnesses has also made me a bit of a hypochondriac. I am also a big fan of self-deprecation, but I don’t (usually) mean it.


I make the point not to close myself off to anyone or experiences which can help me understand myself and others. This trait means I tend to struggle with black and white, left or right-type people, but I will always still try to understand where they are coming from and look at how their views might match my own. I am also very curious in general.


I am a people-pleaser and will often be preoccupied with making sure others feel comfortable and not inconvenienced by me. I also care deeply about others, even if I do not know them. I have a strong sense of justice and can’t stand seeing others being taken advantage of or bullied, unless they have done something to deserve it.


As a youngin’, I would have 110% considered myself an extrovert, but after falling ill, I was forced to become more introverted because my social battery became tied to my physical battery. I love to spend time with people and making new friends, but because the act of socialising is so draining, I rarely do it. So, I now consider myself both.


I am happiest when I’m using my brain (or doing something that turns it off completely). I love learning new things, sharing what I already know, deep conversation, and non-fiction reading. I’m also the type of person who will immediately look something up if a question is posed and I don’t know the answer.


Although I have been working on this one after losing too many friends through arguments about silly things that don’t actually matter, I have a bad habit of correcting people and I’ve been told that it makes people feel uncomfortable about their own level of intelligence because I’m also very matter-of-fact in my corrections, which can come off as condescending.

Sense of Humour

I can find the humour in about almost anything. This means I can generally appreciate any form of comedy, but it also means I can sometimes laugh at really inappropriate things. I also don’t generally have a problem with jokes about sensitive topics, but I can understand why they’d be problematic for people who can’t differentiate between something said for comedic effect and reality.


I feel my emotions really deeply, so if I care about something, I REALLY care about it. I express myself with passion and intensity. I hyperfixate on things, and can sometimes become obnoxious about things I like (and dislike, unfortunately!). I wouldn’t say I force myself on people (because I don’t want to upset anyone), but I do sometimes come on very strong.


Although I love to clean and playing around with things like planners and other organisational tools, I am a messy and unorganised bitch. I can’t keep a space clean to save my life, and nothing ever stays in the place I intend it to. Thankfully, my spouse doesn’t seem to notice my mess, so I don’t feel as bad about it as I should.


Although everything always takes me a lot longer than I ever intended it to due to my disabilities, I will stick with almost everything (without a deadline attached) I’ve started until it is completed. This includes life. Giving up is and will never been an option, no matter how mentally ill I might ever become.


Despite being an emotional person, I’m not a traditionally affectionate in the way you’d expect. While I don’t explicitly hate or reject nice gestures, compliments, and physical expressions of fondness, I don’t instinctually do any of those things to express my love for someone and I’m not bothered if my loved ones don’t do these things for me.


This is a trait I have developed a lot more recently, so it might not be innate to my personality, but I pride myself on being upfront and honest, respecting others, and taking responsibility for my actions. I also have a strong moral code and have a hard time letting others down even when it's necessary.


Until recently, my understanding of what creativity is was closely tied with artistic skill (of which I have none), so I never really considered myself a creative person. But I am! Not only do I have creative problem-solving skills, I am also always working on something, be it websites, graphics, paper crafts, diamond painting, etc.

Test Results

Myers-Briggs/MBTI: INFP-T .
Enneagram: 4w5 .
Alignment: Chaotic good .
Big 5: Very high openness, low conscientiousness, moderate extraversion, high agreeableness, very high neuroticism .
Global 5: SLUAI / Limbic .
MOTIV: AOHIXRG (Asetic, Offbeat. Haphazard, Interpersonal, both Vital/Depressed, Rigid, Globalistic) .
Temperament: Choleric / melancholic .
Archetypes: 47% Intellectual, 32% Creative, 21% Caregiver .
Animal: Penguin .
R-Drive: Unconventionality .


Tropical birth chart: Taurus / Leo / Scorpio / Taurus / Aries / Gemini / Aries / Sagittarius / Sagittarius / Capricorn / Scorpio / Gemini / Aries.
Sidereal birth chart: Aries / Cancer / Libra / Aries / Pisces / Taurus / Pisces / Scorpio / Scorpio / Sagittarius / Libra / Taurus / Pisces.
Chinese zodiac: Fire rabbit.
Primal astrology: Hedgehog .