Hoi! I'm Darnielle. I'm a long-time web creator who fell victim to the modern web mentality of cookie-cutter websites with only a faint hint of personality and monetising the ever-loving shit out of everything about half a decade ago. I am now trying to rekindle my love of web design and development by throwing it back to where I began.

After randomly coming across Neocities one day, I felt inspired to create something that 13-year-old me would have KILLED to had the skills to make (look at you now, lil' Darnielle!) and fill it with all things me! Want to know more about exactly what the point of this is? See the about HYPΛJIVE page and read my web manifesto.

This website is mobile friendly, but for the best experience, it should be viewed on a desktop computer with a resolution of 1280x720 or higher.
17 Mar 2023 Added Disabilities page and updated some other pages.
10 Mar 2023 Fixed a few issues.
3 Jan 2023 Updated name change.

See the changelog for more details & previous updates.

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